Write for Panda Munch / DJ on KSPU.org

We're having info and training sessions for blog writers and DJs this week!

The Panda Munch Orientation - Jan 15, 5:30-6pm
Write about the concert you just attended, your new obsession with Rae Sremmurd, future predictions for Riff Raff's wrestling career, and much more all for a spankin' new blog! Come to this meeting to see how you can get involved with KSPU's new blog, "The Panda Munch!

KSPU.org DJ Training/Signups - Jan 16, 12:30-2:30pm / Jan 19, 12:30-2:30 & 4:30-5:30pm
DJ your own weekly radio show on KSPU.org! Whether it's an hour of Lil B, a discussion on Kanye's theory of the Glass Ceiling, or exclusively Seattle hip-hop and folk music, you can present it on your very own radio show. Come get trained as a radio DJ and sign up for your weekly time!

If you can't make it to any of the training sessions or info meetings, email us at KSPUmusic@gmail.com for info on how you can get involved in KSPU!

Full details below: