Hudson Mohawke / The-Dream

Crocodile Theater/ October 14th/ Written By Judith Feenstra

Rarely does a show bill host such an ethereal name combination—Hudson Mohawke and The-Dream were surely meant to tour together. With Ross Birchard (Hudson) as the the unlikely poster boy for a new generation of genre-mangling UK artists, this show was already a full-proof bet on awesome—add in the r&b mastermind and triple threat, singer, writer and producer The-Dream and dance-heaven awaits.

2013 was the last year that audiences had the privilege of seeing The-Dream perform on a live-stage and for good reason. The-Dream has been putting out amazing records ever since 2007 with his debut record Lovehate, then Love Vs. Money in 2009, Love King in 2010, Terius Nash: 1977 in 2012, and IV Play in 2013—a 2 year break from constantly touring these incredible records sounds not so crazy after all. In 2014 we saw his emotional response to the social injustice in America with his single Black, and then this year we tasted the sweet sexiness of his newest project with his newest singles That’s My Sh*t (feat. T.I.), and Fruition.

Returning to the all-to-familiar tour-life with Four Color Zack, an infectiously talented Seattle native dance DJ, The- Dream had Zack prep the show with a 45-minute set of super-flame, Dream produced tracks ranging from artists like Jay-Z to Mariah Carey. Then, just after the lights dimmed and the crowd howled, the familiar silhouette of a man we had all been waiting to see back on stage since 2013, emerged from the darkness and the crowd favorite Shawty is the Sh*t blew up the speakers. Terius Nash (Dream) gave us all what we wanted from his sudden return to touring—a dance party. Playing hits for the ladies like Falsetto and hits for the guys like I Luv Your Girl, Nash held nothing back from this audience; both fans of Hudson and Dream were fully engaged in his set. Even after a painful hiatus, fans ofThe-Dream reacted to his presence like no time had ever passed-- throughout his career, Dream has seen people change like the weather while he has remained the same, but in the coming months he is forecasting a massive comeback and 100% chance of reign.

Ross Birchard is one of the most exciting record producers to come out of Scotland in the last ten years, seducing rap-heads and ravers alike with his neon-lit R&B and warehouse smashing low-end beats, the kid has us all wrapped around his finger. Touring his live festival & club shows across the globe & producing for chart- topping urban-pop names like Kanye West, Drake and Azealia Banks, his career has jumpstarted into success and his live performance has been intensely anticipated. Born of the underground club scene in the UK, ‘Hud Mo’ has been releasing music for the last 10 years, cultivating a formidable presence in the community. His US break-out came right on time in 2012 with TNGHT, the kick-ass, collaborative project with fellow producer Lunice; this release boosted production influence for the A-list in rap and help reintroduce the US dance / EDM scene to Hip Hop as club music for the cool kids.

Once on stage, Hudson held nothing back. Opening with Scud Boots, the beloved single off of his newest record Lantern, Mohawke got the crowd jumping and totally consumed by his very elaborate lightshow. With three separate bangers from his TNGHT project and Mohawke’s most popular sound Chimes, the crowd was flat-out exhausted by the end of his set, in the best possible way of course. Hudson Mohawke (Ross Birchard) has been on a meteoric rise the last few years, working with some of the biggest names in hip hop, pop, and dance music but everything started in a bedroom in Glasgow when he was barely a teenager—after such an incredible performance and a consistent stream of amazing new music, I think we can all say that Birchard deserves every bit of success that he has made.