#DrakevsKanye (KSPU Covers Concert)

By Kharis Lund

Yo KSPU Listeners!

Are you a Kanye fan?

How ‘bout a Drake fan?

Do you play an instrument, rap, or sing? Are you interested in showing SPU and/or your special someone what a talented musician you are? Or, are you just down to have an awesome night of fun?

Well, I’ve got good news for you all!  February 13th, from 8pm-10pm, KSPU is having our annual Covers Concert and this year’s theme is… (drum roll pleaseeeee)


That’s right! Be a part of the ultimate showdown by submitting a cover of your favorite Kanye or Drake song by next Wednesday (February 11th) to KSPUmusic@gmail.com.

The event, which will be held in the SPU Art Center, will also feature free refreshments and a super sick ticket giveaway!

…What? Jody Highroller tickets?!!

Aw snap, yeah that's true. There's a chance to win tix to the Feb 19th RiFF RaFF concert at this show.

There will also be a chance to vote for your favorite cover and decide the fate of this epic battle, so don’t miss out! RSVP here for more details.

Update: Check the official promo video below