COIN//Bad Suns//Neumos

Written by Taylor Muñoz



We’ve all been there—going to shows specifically to see the opening band. I have honestly done it more times than I’m willing to admit. Taking pride in smaller bands before they get their big break is, in my humble opinion, something to feel good about.


However, the COIN/Bad Suns tour this fall is proving that I’m definitely not the only person who feels this way. Not at all. Over the past year COIN, an alternative quartet hailing from Nashville, has managed to climb their way up the charts and into the hearts of many people. Despite their supporting slot for Bad Suns, they have broken out on the scene of fresh new alternative rock.


Forming in 2013 at Belmont University in Nashville, front man Chase Lawrence has proved that he has something fresh and innovative to offer their music and the rest of the scene. Their lyrics aren’t stale or repetitive. Lawrence touches multiple times on love in their 2015 debut self-titled album, COIN. While the men of COIN are only a few years out of college, they exemplify their wisdom on life, young love, family trauma, on their self titled. These kinds of themes are certainly easy to resonate with, especially for younger listeners—who comprise a large majority of their following. All of these things considered, it’s easy to understand why the crowd at Neumos in Capitol Hill on 10/24 was thrilled to see the sharp-dressed, fresh-faced band hop on stage to perform their 30-minute opening set.


I have rarely seen an audience respond so positively to an opening band before. Not only does COIN draw fans in to their charm, looks, dress, and overall aesthetic but their music is good. In fact, it’s so good that it’s been increasingly getting attention on the airwaves, online, and on Sirius XM alternative station “Alt Nation.” How well? Their latest single “Talk Too Much” has been on their top 18 since the beginning of summer, and #1 for 3 weeks. Their success is increasing at a rapid rate, and it was ever so apparent at their sold out show at Neumos. The crowd sang along to every song on their set, new and old, which for a newer band is hard to achieve. Lawrence’s singing, dancing, and appeal as a front man made a large impression on the audience. Song after song left the ground shaking due to the dancing and jumping of the crowd. Most notable songs of the night? “Talk Too Much” and “Speaking Voice,” a classic of their debut album and a treat for those in the audience who showed up for them.


Overall it was an extremely solid set. The men of COIN make innovate music and they do it well. The instrumentation, lighting, and vocals were all above par. Seeing as this was my first experience seeing COIN, I am only eager to see them again. I think it’s safe to say the fans they gained Monday at Neumos are in agreement.


Headliners Bad Suns, LA indie rock royalty broke out on the scene with their 2014 debut album “Language and Perspective". They crushed their set as well. With a draw to a younger demographic, their fan-base made for a more vibrant and exciting experience. Just last month, they released their sophomore record, “Disappear Here,” which has also rapidly gained attention. Their fans are loyal and it was obvious the second they stepped on stage. It was at times hard to hear frontman Christo because the crowd was matching his vocals so loudly. I’ve seen Bad Suns before as an opening band, but I was thoroughly impressed with what they are capable of as headliners.


In the world of fresh-faced indie, the COIN/Bad Suns tour is one that will be talked about for years to come. Two young and hungry bands matched with a legendary venue like Neumos? Nothing better.