Gallant//The Crocodile


Judith Feenstra

The stage is set—two living room lounging chairs, scattered house plants, two towering floor lamps and tousled stacks of antique literature set tall around the floor. Gallant came to stay at the Crocodile last week.

The intimate venue rustled with excitement as the stage lights came down and the floor lamps lit the home Gallant had created for he and his audience to live in that night. The band was set and a familiar turtle-necked silhouette came out of the shadows as the man of the moment opened up with “Open Up”.

The unparalleled, only maybe to 1988 Mariah Carey, falsettos that resonated from the stage were things of pure awe. The crowd was left breathless, over and over and over again.

Continuing with sultry hits like “Bourbon” and “Miyazaki”, Gallant brought the crowd into this intimate home he created. We were all in the gathering space we needed to share and experience the music Gallant creates—music made to stir, sense, and sustain.

On his huge hit “Skipping Stones”, Gallants’ keyboardist stepped in to perform the verse recorded by Jhene Aiko on the record. The pipes on this woman were Whitney levels of badass; she brought a raspy and strong twist to the verse that was a definite treat to hear live.

Encoring with his biggest single “Weight In Gold”, Gallants performance came to a peak of ultimate sensuality. The off-beat production pitted against the undeniably irresistible melodies that Gallant sang to the heavens were truly the highlight of the evening—and the crowd ate up every bar.

Gallant was a delicious performance, and left us all wanting more and more— To quote his song “Bourbon”, after he left the stage I felt some serious connection to the lyric, “But I'm shaking I need it like bourbon in my coffee cup” Until next time, handsome.