Majid Jordan//Showbox

Judith Feenstra



Does it get much better than an R&B duo personally blessed by the 6 God himself? Majid Jordan proves it doesn’t get any better than this. Majid Al Maskati and record producer Jordan Ullman are signed to OVO Sound and are featured on lots of Drizzy’s hits for back-up vocals and choruses like on the goliath hit “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” However, being featured on Drake’s records has not become a crutch for these guys—their new self-titled record kicks ass all by itself.

The duo put out their first EP A Place Like This back in 2014, featuring the massive singles “Her” and “All I Do”—after that the group was officially in the spotlight.

Just one of the dozens of sold out U.S. shows, Seattle showed up to party with the duo this past Saturday night at the Showbox downtown. Opening with the title track of their debut EP, Majid Jordan fizzled in the soft track drums and faded vocals of “A Place Like This” and kicked the party off its feet.

The two are a funny pair to watch on stage—Majid is sort of a cheeseball, working the crowd with silly gestures and a nuanced sexiness to his dance moves. Every lady in the crowd eating up each smile and wink. Jordan, on the other hand, stays stoic and silent the entirety of the set—he knows he is the powerhouse of the group and he doesn’t try to dilute that power with an act up there.

Moving right through lots of big tunes like “Something About You”, “Make It Work”, and “Shake Shake Shake”, the crowd is never set to rest. The duo had instantaneous transitions from every song to the next with no lulls in between—momentum set to maximum party.

Majid stops to comment on their being in Seattle for the first time on this tour and the crowd indulges gleefully. They end their set with “Her”, easily the groups’ most popular single and the audience sways to the infectious basslines underlying Majid’s melancholy melody.

After what I assume was a quick drink of water and just enough time to suspend the crowd into cheering for an encore, the pair came out once more to perform the emotional “King City” and the hopeful “Learn From Each Other” in conclusion of their time at the Showbox. The adorable duo embraced on stage and the set felt complete—the two disappeared backstage and Seattle waits until they can return (hopefully with a new record… and also maybe Drake.)