Young The Giant// Showbox SODO

Naomi Kim


Ever since the very first Young the Giant album came out, I have been hooked. Indie rock was the first genre of music which I truly felt was my own—Young the Giant helped form a large part of my music taste overall. Because of this, I have dreamed to see them live, and, man, they did not disappoint.

As soon as I got my ticket scanned, I rushed to the front of the venue to wait. The opening band, Ra Ra Riot, took the stage. The band had a great, rounded, full sound and energy while performing. Their set was filled with old fan favorites like “Beta Love” and their newly released “Water.” While Ra Ra Riot was not the band that drew me to the concert, they were a solid opener.

After a break (which felt like an eternity) the lights dimmed and the men of the hour arrived on the stage. Immediately, the energy level of the room went through the roof. The crowd rushed forward to lap up the sounds coming from the stage. Frontman Sameer Gadhia’s voice spread over the crowd like butter and I soaked in every second.

The venue, Showbox SoDo, did a great job of adding to the music with lighting and a nice balance of sound. Young the Giant’s entire performance was all I could have ever hoped for, fulfilling all of the dreams I held coming into the night.

Their set included almost every single song off of their new hit album “Home of the Strange,” a couple songs off of their second album “Mind Over Matter,” and some older classics from their debut album. After over three years of silence following their debut album, many fans were disappointed that their sound had changed on “Mind Over Matter”. On Friday, Gadhia let us know that the band writes songs for us from their heart. Just as people change, the music is bound to change as well. He then invited us to change along with them, staying as true to ourselves as they were in the writing process. The rest of the concert was just that much better knowing that each member had poured themselves, real and raw, into the album.

Their most recent album, “Home of the Strange” touches on interesting themes of alienation, immigration, and adventure. The band certainly does not have typical American roots. The members of the band are all first or second generation Americans, British, or Canadian. From these experiences of relating with more than one culture and finding a place in society, their music rings very true with a more diverse range of people. Their lyrics are real and beautiful and anything but stale.

Overall, my love and obsession with Young the Giant has only multiplied after seeing them in concert. I know that my friends and I knew almost every song by heart, but the performance would be just as great if you hadn’t heard them before. Their concert is perfect for anyone who loves indie rock and wants to support a band full of extremely talented and genuine musicians. If you haven’t ever heard of Young the Giant before, I would recommend listening to “Silvertongue,” “Titus Was Born,” “Anagram,” and “My Body.” If those songs make your ears happy, then why not support this wonderful band filled with five men who make truthful, beautiful music? You can bet that I will be in the crowd the next time that they tour in Seattle, and you should be there too! Until next time, Young the Giant.