Michelle's TOP 5 of 2016

by Michelle Lee


Justice is everything to me. They brought me into the world of parisian techno and I haven't been the same since. This has been their first album since their hiatus after Audio, Video, Dance. Their sound on this album borrows the bass that resonated with the funk period, and it's amazing! Hopefully I'll be able to see them on tour! 


Any sort of bluesy rock is a guilty pleasure for me, so when Kaleo released their most recent album I was blown away. Almost as if the Black Keys and Hozier collaborated, A/B shows off the bands versatility flawlessly. Combining soulful vocals, heavy beats, and reverb guitar solos - it's hard to say no to the repeat button. Their songs Hot Blood and Way Down We Go have a spot in my all time favorites. 

Bad Vibrations//A Day to Remember

When ADTR released this album, I almost had a heart attack. As many of my younger memories are rooted in the emo/metal scene, this album was more nostalgic than anything. ADTR has always been one of those bands to find that perfect balance between pop-punk vocals and metal screamo - the end result is definitely worthy of being in the top five. Paranoia and Bad Vibrations are definite recommendations. 

The Black Parade/ Living With Ghosts//My Chemical Romance

Where do I even begin? This band has had such an impact on my life, and when they re-released The Black Parade with 10 new tracks, a tiny hole in my life was filled. I will always include this album in my all-time favorites. 

We Got it From Here...Thank You For Your Service//A Tribe Called Quest

This album is the first since 1998, and it was absolutely worth the wait. This album had such an innovative sound to it compared to their other mellowed out beats. In a time of such tribulation, I feel like I needed to hear this album. Their medley of thought-provoking lyrics, and unique sound created one of their greatest albums ever. Definitely would recommend We The People and The Killing Season