AnnMarie's TOP 5 of 2016

by AnnMarie Ulskey

The Headspace Traveler//Sol 


Sol is Seattle-based rapper. The majority of this album is about social justice.  Sol is Haitian and has used his platform to help out his family that lives in Les Abricot, Haiti. This year Les Abricot was devasted by hurricane Matthew. He had a Haiti relief show earlier this month, and ask for donations on to continue to raise support. 


Life of Pablo//Kanye West


The Life of Pablo was one of Kanye's only albums that is 100% him. Every other album has Kanye's brand along with songs that the people wanted. The most important instrument on this album is the human voice. My favorite song on the album is Ultralight Beam. It is the only song on the entire album that does not have a sample, and bringing Chance the Rapper in it was a smart move. Chance was able to give the message that Kanye wanted but did not have the words for. 


Coloring Book//Chance the Rapper


Way to go Chance, making it this far without a label. He did it all on his own. He is very confident in knowing what type of artist that he is, so he had the ability to ask all of those features to join in on his independent album. He is more grown up in his skills and maturity. 




Flume has a much wider advice on "Skin" than his debut album. Since he has had successful remixes that put him on the rise, such as Lorde's Tennis Court and Disclosure's You & Me. With that, he was able to work with names such as Vince Staples and Aluna George on Skin. I do not listen to Electronic music very often, but this album is one that deserves to be put on repeat. 



Divine Feminine //Mac Miller


Mac Miller has made a comeback. I love this album because it is unlike anything his has ever done. A lot of his early stuff is a very young Mac Miller. With this album, you can see that he's rapping about being young and partying. He finally figured out the actual hustle of the game.