Judith's TOP 5 of 2016

by Judith Feenstra


Kaytranada // 99.9%


You know those albums that you can put on in an uncertain circumstances? This is one of those albums. Dance party? Play it. Homework? Perfect. Sexy times? PUT IT ON. This record has like gold-lined feature list, shimmering, glittery production, and those perfect soft drums that make you want to sway your hips back and forth like Ashanti does on stage with Ja Rule (you totally know what I mean).  For fans of plain-old great music, look no further.


Låpsley // Long Way Home

            First of all. This girl was 19 when she put this album out on XL records. If you’re thinking, what the hell kind of protégé teenager lands a record deal with XL records then I can’t blame you until you listen to the record—because then all skepticism will be erased from your mind. Låpsley’s mulled vocals (like a fine wine baby) over smooth, perfect electronic production that teases ballads and pop hits left and right without being too easy. This record is everything you want from a debut teenager signed to XL records and more considering that she is also, smokin’ hot.


            Bro, just trust me. If you don’t already know who this is you don’t love Drake like we do. DVSN, a beloved duo of the OVOXO family, can be seen on various Drake tracks providing hauntingly sexy melodies to carry under his verse and, honestly, carry the emotion of the songs. Sorry Drizzy, but they kind of overshadow you on your own tracks. This record has gorgeous enveloping transitions and vocals that might make you uncomfortable in public (in a good way, ladies). Don’t sleep on this record, sleep to it and work on that lucid dreaming ya feel?

Bon Iver // 22, A Million

            Do I even need to convince you?

Kings of Leon // WALLS


            Okay go watch the video for this record’s title track “WALLS” and tell me you have never been more in love with Caleb Followill. You can’t, can you? That’s because a beautiful, broken, MAN of a cowboy, vocalist cannot be beaten in a slow and evocative ballad. I love this band and I was worried about this record before it was released—you know how you never want your favorite bands to change. But, this change, this decision to be vulnerable, this step away from a drunken night, this I condone with open arms. Songs like “Over” and “Find Me” are perfect songs to lead up to this full and final crescendo as a record. If I still haven’t convinced you, listen to the record at full volume and when you finish the first song “Waste A Moment” and can’t stop smiling, you can call me and apologize.