Album Review: M83 // Junk

Written By Ashanti Ilek

Earlier this month, M83 released his latest album since 2013, entitled, “Junk.” Keeping in mind how fans consume music, Anthony Gonzales, the dude you know as “M83,” created Junk with the inspiration of his youth along with his love for music from the eighties.

In a recent article covering Junk, Suzy Esposito, writer for Rolling Stone, shared her thoughts on the new record. The following are a few quotes from her review alluding to her two-star rating of the M83 album:


Junk is pure, unadulterated eighties fun. 


Anthony Gonzales has always been that guy who believed that music peaked in the eighties. As someone who is always looking to the past for inspiration, it is no surprise to me that this new release was fused in a chamber with Gonzales’ memories (both good and not-so-awesome) and his favorite hits from the seventies and eighties. To be fair, Suzy was right about one thing: Junk is worlds away from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. I mean the albums were around five years apart, recorded with a few different band members, and completed under different labels. Is that such a bad thing? Not exactly. However, stating that Junk was a “far cry” from the “serenity” that could be found in the 2011 Grammy Winning album, HUWD, and using words like “creepy” and “moody” to describe the music were among a few other things that I disliked about Suzy’s article. There are definitely tracks that could bring you peace and other tracks have you dancing in libraries with your friends from detention.

M83 at The House Of Blues

M83 at The House Of Blues

According to an interview with Billboard, despite the dark moments that were had, Anthony had oodles of fun putting Junk together. He admitted to feeling truly like himself on this record, and as a fan, that alone makes me excited about the release of his latest work. There are always artists who have the “This is it” moment, the “For once, I am happy” moment. Junk was that moment for M83, as was GO:OD AM was for Mac Miller. Interestingly enough, HUWD was with a different label—as was Mac Miller’s (fan favorite) album Blue Slide Park. Things change, y’all.

             After listening to all fifteen tracks on this album on repeat since I heard it was out, I give Junk a rating of 5/5 Loaded Burritos. I cannot stop listening to this album, people. Long live, M83. He’s been out here making music for like fifteen years. With that said, here are a few of my favorite tracks!!

You can find all these beauties, along with all M83 albums, on Spotify. Looking to catch Anthony and the gang live?  Just. Let. Me. Tell. You. M83 will be performing next month, May 28th, at Sasquatch here in Washington. Following this festival, the band will be making their way downtown, walking fast, to Oregon in June for the Open’er Festival.