Jon Bellion Concert

An intense mixture of contemporary pop and singer/songwriter, Jon Bellion draws on R&B, hip-hop, and indie rock styles to create a profound listening experience for his audience. Jon Bellion has a prominent fan base because of the complicated topics he intricately weaves into each of his songs. In contrast to other artists who do this, Bellion pairs these heavy themes with upbeat compositions, making them easy to listen to no matter what mood you are in.

The Human Condition Tour Part 3 offers two amazing opening acts: Travis Mendes and Blaque Keys. Both artists are featured on The Human Condition album (Guillotine and Weight of the World, respectively). Both artists definitely set the mood for the evening and pumped everyone up for Bellion, while also introducing their material to a wide range of people.

Once Bellion took the stage, he opened with the same track that initiates The Human Condition album, He is the Same. One of the most prominent songs on the set list was, of course, All Time Low, a song that he prefaced by announcing that the label told him the song would fail and that he should not release it. However, Bellion adamantly protested, wanting it to be his first single. Upon release, the song gained momentum and ultimately made it on 28 charts around the world and went double platinum in the U.S. alone. Therefore, practically everyone in the building was singing along. Bellion’s performance as a whole was one of the most cohesive I’ve ever seen, utilizing aesthetically pleasing videography and a light show. My personal favorite video accompaniment was during the song, 80’s Films, in which clips of various iconic eighties movies were compiled together. Another song that got a particularly powerful response was Maybe IDK, mostly because it is such a deep and relatable song. The audience rang out the chorus so harmoniously, emphasizing that no matter who we are or where we come from, music is universal and unites us all. The set list ended just as Bellion’s debut album closes out, with Hand of God (Outro), another song that clearly speaks to many people, as practically everyone in the theater was singing along as loud as they could. After exiting the stage, “Encore!” echoed throughout the Paramount theater at increasingly loud volumes, prompting Jon Bellion and the band to return for one final song: Jim Morrison, a much more peaceful performance than the rest of the show, it was the perfect way to end the night.

Upon exiting the theater, it was clear how satisfied all the attendants felt and how much Jon Bellion and his songs, impact his fans. Jon Bellion exquisitely allowed each one of us to escape from our lives for a couple hours and come together all for the love of music.

By Megan Curry