Milky Chance Concert

A few weeks ago, on Monday, October 23, I had the opportunity to see Milky Chance at the Showbox SODO. Let me start off this review by saying that previous to that concert, I had never actually listened to Milky Chance, so this is coming from a completely un-biased perspective; I am also going to disregard the opener.

As the band was coming on stage, before the music even started, I was struck by how great the lighting was. After waiting in the darkness of the standing area, the lights that shone from the backdrop out into the audience were temporarily blinding, and as my eyes adjusted I saw the band coming up onto the fog-filled stage, with beams of purples and blues behind them. Soon the band had taken their places, the music began, and I instantly knew I was in for a treat.

Milky Chance played a set of about 12 songs, and there was not a single one that I didn’t enjoy. The biggest thing that stood out to me about this band’s music was how easy it was to dance to; even though I didn’t know any of the songs being played (except for the popular track “Stolen Dance”), moving to Milky Chance’s almost trance-like rhythms felt completely natural. At the end of the concert, I wasn’t thinking about how my feet hurt, or how I was ready to go home; I was ready to stay for another whole set. That’s how much fun this band is.

So as somebody with very little knowledge of Milky Chance, I would give their concert a 10/10. If you can get tickets to their upcoming show in Vancouver BC, I would recommend that everyone do so.

By: Peter Olthoff