Leave It In My Dreams // The Voidz

Stepping back onto the scene after a four-year hiatus, Julian Casablancas’ The Voidz have just dropped one of the most prominent singles across a multitude of genres in 2018 so far. The track, Leave It In My Dreams, is the first release of The Voidz since their 2014 record Tyranny, which received a plethora of mixed reviews—mostly negative.

We all know that Julian Casablancas isn’t afraid of musical experimentation—it’s exemplified by the consistent shift of genres and themes throughout the Strokes’ discography. Tyranny was, for me, difficult to wrap my mind around. The unintelligible lyrics complemented by a crashing mixture of different drum beats and synth patterns made for an unenjoyable listening experience. Nevertheless, Casablancas is persistent in his efforts to try new things. I admittedly was apprehensive to listen to the track, as I was expecting Tyranny-esque lyrics of impending doom and sadness.

However, I was greeted by a simple yet pleasant chord progression to invite listeners to settle into the new world of The Voidz—still tackling the heavy and unpleasant aspects of life, while subtly pointing at silver linings.

Casablancas is looking at a relationship he’s struggling to make work in Leave It In My Dreamss. He croons, “I don't wanna hear what I can't mime / Anywhere with you could change my mind.” Something else any fan has picked up on by now: Casablancas is an existentialist. He always hard-hits the most mundane or profound aspects of life in ways that make listeners searching for the answers to questions he arises. In this track, accompanied by a simple yet energetic drum beat and a steady guitar rhythm, he continues to invite listeners inside his world. We’ve all been there—wanting to warp the realities of a relationship we desperately want to hold onto; Casablancas is imagining a world outside of these realities. To me, it’s the most compelling aspect of the song—being reassured that we all go through the same struggles and can find solace in music. He sings, “It's my life and I can't delete it / Is that the life I lead?

All these surreal things and sudden decisions / Just wanna waste my time with you.” By far, these immediately have become my favorite lyrics of the song. The young-and-in-love vibes The Voidz are putting down have been speaking directly to me and my own experiences—something I believe every great band has the capability to do

The mantra of this song, repeated after each verse, is “Don’t overthink it.” Admittedly, it’s increasingly become omething I’ve been trying to remind myself in my life. If Julian Casablancas, beautiful indie God, has to remind himself sometimes that it’s okay to just like, take a chill pill, then I’m probably okay if I overreact every once in a while.

In sum, all of my previous expectations of The Voidz have been completely shattered. This track is an excellent way to start off the year; it’s a confident nod to 2017, one of the best years of music in a very long time.

I believe that Casablancas and The Voidz are trying to prove themselves in this track. Provethemselves as musicians, and human beings worthy of love. Human beings worthy of seeking the truth. Human beings who deserve to just be. Leave It In My Dreams is an open invitation to feel all we need without shame or limitations. We all want love and to be loved. Sometimes things stand in our way, but tracks like these are ready to sweep us off our feet and into a place of self-awareness and healing.