Clairo and the Wind Machine

A couple days ago, I went to the Clairo concert with a few of my friendos. As someone who has listened to Clairo…maybe…like 10 times, I didn’t really know what to expect. Being someone new to the artist, I figured I would just write down my initial reactions to everything as the concert went on; after reading my notes, however, one of my friends suggested that I just post my unfiltered thoughts AS my review of the concert, which was a pretty fun idea, so, here are my notes on the Clairo show:

Hello Yello (opener)

  • Wtf is this opener

  • Hard rock maybe???

  • 90s sound

  • Jack: “I have zero thoughts about this, I’m just confused’

  • Now it’s early 2000s generic rock

  • Now it’s like emo rock??

Beabadoobee (opener)

  • I’m just confused

  • Punk?

  • Ethereal/psychedelic

  • Clairo-esque voice

  • Weirdly nostalgic

  • Dreamy

  • Kind of Cranberries-esque

  • Jack: “I’d really love to SEE them” (people are standing immediately in front of us)


  • Full moon backdrop???

  • Visuals 10/10

  • Super sad opening song

  • Why am I crying in the club?

  • She’s got a cool fan behind her, and Allison just called it a “wind machine”

  • “Clairo and the Wind Machine” is gonna be the name of this blog post

  • Dreamworks logo backdrop lol

  • Rising sun backdrop now??

  • Now cloud backdrop?? Whaaaaaaaa???

  • Her voice is like one of Jack’s soft bagels

  • Dope “softly” remix—more instrumentation than the album version

  • More background spotlight than anyone in history

  • Really mellow stage presence—essentially just walking around

  • Background coinciding with the theme of each song—background was pink for “bubblegum”, for “drown” it was all water and floaties

  • Thematically, “bubblegum” sounds like someone regretting a breakup—now I’m just sad. Thanks Clairo.

  • Cool wormie friend on the background now

  • Clairo says no phones out on this next song sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯—the song is “bags”

  • Clairo is a horse girl confirmed (for context, she was playing a video of horses on the background)

  • Clairo 👏 said 👏 no 👏 more 👏 climate 👏 change 👏

  • During “sofia” the background is like lava

Well, there you have it. As someone who has heard Clairo only a few times, and had never heard the openers, it was a sweet concert. Honestly, I was just confused about the openers because they seemed so much more…punk, I guess?…than Clairo’s sound, but they weren’t bad. Clairo was awesome, though; her voice is as good live, if not better than, how she sounds on recordings. ALSO her visuals were AWESOME and I would go again just to see that awesome background. 8/10 concert.